Ammonite Pendant | Madagascan Fossil Necklace | Sterling Silver


Ammonite necklace, Madagascan fossil in Sterling Silver

This Ammonite necklace uses a fossil from Madagascar is around 150 million years old and has been cut in half to reveal its inner beauty.

This elegant ammonite pendant celebrates the natural shape of the fossil and its delicate earthy tones and markings. Surrounded with a band of Sterling Silver, the rear of the fossil remains visible.

Ammonites are said to boost health, prosperity, and good luck. People who believe in Feng Shui consider ammonites to improve the energy of a home, enhancing vitality, harmony, prosperity, and overall well-being. They are also said to bring a sense of stability, grounding, and protection to any space.

Ammonoid cephalopods first appeared circa 400 million years ago and became extinct around 65 million years ago along with the dinosaurs.

Size: 37mm x 28mm

All of our pendants come with a complimentary 18" sterling silver rope chain.  Upgrades to other chain options available, including 30" chains and snake chains.

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