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Peacock Feather Sterling Silver Cufflinks


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We have taken the iridescent centre section of a peacock feather and added a top layer of protective acrylic. This has enabled the unique beauty of the iridescent colours to be shown to their best effect.

Size: 15mm x 15mm

All of this is encased in Sterling Silver to provide a unique set of beautiful cufflinks

The Indian peacock has iridescent blue and green plumage. The peacock "tail", known as a "train", consists not of tail quill feathers, but highly elongated upper tail coverts.

As with many birds, vibrant iridescent plumage colours are not primarily pigments, but structural coloration.

We offer this set of cufflinks with the following:

Free UK postage
An excellent quality cufflink box
A complimentary gift card and envelope
Sterling silver jewellery care sheet
A complimentary silver polishing cloth