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Upcycled Nanking Cargo Cufflinks in Sterling Silver


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We acquired broken pieces of Nanking Cargo Plate (1752) and have upcycled them into cufflinks set in Sterling Silver. They make a unique gift for those with an appreciation for Chinese antiques.


  • Square 15mm x 15mm
  • Rectangle 15mm x 20mm

Each pair of cufflinks is carefully chosen so that the smaller scale captures the most interesting hand-painted designs.

Nanking Cargo was named after porcelain found on the salvaged wreck of the Dutch East India Company ship Geldermalsen. It sank near Java in 1751 and salvaged in 1985, at which time 150,000 pieces of blue and white porcelain were recovered.

Our Nanking Cargo cufflinks are an opportunity to own a unique piece of Chinese history. Of the crew 32 survived and 80 went down with the ship and her cargo of tea, raw silk, textiles, dried wares, groceries, lacquer and porcelain.

Michael Hatcher and his team recovered large quantities of Chinese porcelain, which was sold at auction by Christie's in Amsterdam in 1986.

Fortunately most of the porcelain pieces feature the familiar blue and white patterns, the decoration being under the glaze and therefore unaffected by the sea. The Chinese government was shocked to learn of these treasures being auctioned at Christies in Amsterdam in April 1986, making great but ultimately unsuccessful efforts to attempt to have the assets returned to China.

We offer this set of cufflinks with the following :

  • Free UK postage
  • An excellent quality cufflink box
  • A complimentary gift card and envelope
  • Sterling silver jewellery care sheet
  • A complimentary silver polishing cloth
  • Certificate of provenance