The weather has turned, the heating is begging to go on, the gloves and scarves have come out, and already there are Christmas decorations and mince pies in the shops! 

Early Christmas planning is nothing new for us though – we start assessing stock for the festive period in about June, which is the only way to ensure we can find unique treasures in good time to have them made into something sparkly to dress your cuff, your neck, your finger or your wrist. Pretty soon we will be fully stocked and raring to go!

Natural Jewellery Collections

Now we know we bang on about upcycling quite a bit, and the interesting items we make into lovely unusual jewellery. But lots of our popular collections are not upcycled – rather they are inspired by nature, such as fossils, seashells and gemstones.

Troca Shell Jewellery

One of our collections that always gets a lot of love, from happy customers as well as when wearing pieces ourselves, is one of our collections of seashell jewellery called Troca shell. Believe it or not, this jewellery is made from the cross-section of a discarded snail shell 🐌  

The shell pendant in the picture uses six slices set in resin, its symmetrical chambers preserved while also adding a vivid visual monochromatic effect. 

Facts about Troca Shell Jewellery

Now for the facts 🤓
🐚The discarded shell is from a giant sea snail that has reached the end of its life.🐚The scientific name is trochidae, and they are conical or spherical in shape with varying heights.
🐚They are found in shallow tropical reefs all over the world.