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Fathers Day June 19th 2022 gift ideas

Our 10 Top Picks For Fathers Day Gifts | June 19th 2022

Top 10 gift ideas for Father's Day June 19th 2022.  We have a great selection that make unique gifts for all types of Dads out there - from unique and quirky to sentimental and sophisticated.
Celebrating Best of British for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Celebrating Best of British for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

At Hepburn & Hughes we have a passion for delving into the UK’s rich history of invention and creation, taking unusual products that tell the story of our nation and upcycling them using sterling silver to produce wearable pieces of memorabilia – the perfect accessories to complete your Jubilee ensemble. 

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Birthstone Blog Guide

Birthstones Gift Guide by Month

Our ultimate guide to gemstone jewellery and birthstones. Discover both the modern and traditional gemstone associated with each month of the year, to help you decide on the ideal gift.

Hepburn & Hughes

We are passionate about creating unique, interesting jewellery and cufflinks which simply can't be found elsewhere on the high street.

Our speciality is sourcing pieces of historical memorabilia, such as World War II planes, pieces of the Berlin Wall and reclaimed pieces of HMS Victory, upcycling them into unique sets of sterling silver cufflinks and jewellery.

These make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries and prove very popular for weddings. We have designed our own unique collection of Art Deco jewellery and cufflinks, some in monochrome tones celebrating the shapes of the era, and a range using damaged Clarice Cliff ceramics.

We also offer a wide range of gemstone jewellery and items from the natural world, such as ammonites and dinosaur bone fossils. We hope you enjoy browsing in our shop.

Zoe & Louise x