Hepburn & Hughes, Jewellery and Cufflinks Specialists

Our exquisite range of high quality sterling silver jewellery and wide selection of cufflinks is made using natural products, prehistoric materials and upcycled WWII memorabilia to create striking jewellery and gifts for everyone. Shopping with us makes your gift buying simple.

Historical Cufflink Collection

NEW IN!! Powder Scarves

Our new collection of POWDER scarves, the perfect blend of comfort and style. They give a unique look to any outfit. Crafted with 100% polyester, it's perfect for spring, summer and autumn, with delicate fabric that falls in fine folds, injecting a bold splash of colour and on trend patterns into your seasonal wardrobe. 

Hepburn & Hughes

We are Zoe and Louise, and we are passionate about creating unique, interesting jewellery and cufflinks which simply can't be found elsewhere on the high street.

Our speciality is sourcing pieces of historical memorabilia, such as World War II planes, pieces of the Berlin Wall and reclaimed pieces of HMS Victory, upcycling them into unique sets of sterling silver cufflinks and jewellery.

These make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries and prove very popular for weddings. We have designed our own unique collection of Art Deco jewellery and cufflinks, some in monochrome tones celebrating the shapes of the era, and a range using damaged Clarice Cliff ceramics.

We also offer a wide range of gemstone jewellery and items from the natural world, such as ammonites and dinosaur bone fossils. We hope you enjoy browsing in our shop.

Zoe & Louise x

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Ammonite fossil jewellery and cufflinks in sterling silver

Let Us Introduce You To Our Collection Of Fossil Jewellery

We’re proud that our small family run business, based in Kent and Derbyshire, has created the most exquisite line of fossil jewellery, crafted from prehistoric sea creatures that lived between 240 and 65 million years ago. 
Mother's Day Gifts Ideas: Jewellery Gifts for Mum

Mother's Day Gifts Ideas: Jewellery Gifts for Mum

For Mother’s Day this year, why not get your mum something unique and special? Nothing says ‘we are thinking of you’ quite like a distinctive jewellery piece that suits her personality. We make individual sterling silver jewellery that you just can't buy anywhere else. 
HMS Victory official licensees

We Are Licensees of the HMS Victory Trademark

Hepburn & Hughes are excited to announce that we are now licensees of the HMS Victory trademark, which means that all of our HMS Victory certificates of provenance will carry the HMS Victory official logo. We are delighted to be working with the National Museum of the Royal Navy and contributing to the ongoing restoration of this iconic vessel.