Defending the skies of Britain and projecting Britain’s power and influence around the world. That’s the mission of our Royal Air Force and they have certainly achieved that. From warding off Hitler’s Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain to performing stunning aerial displays across the world, the planes and crews of the airborne wing of our national military are respected the world over.

At Hepburn & Hughes we have a passion for upcycling historical memorabilia, and we are always on the lookout for interesting historical fragments that could be turned into one-of-a-kind statement jewellery pieces. We were very excited to be contacted by RPM Aviation Ltd to collaborate with them on the production of a unique Red Arrows jewellery and cufflinks collection. They supplied us with aircraft skin from a rudder section of British Aerospace Hawk XX227, c/n 312063. Built in 1978, the aircraft became the last of the original Red Arrows Hawks to still serve with the team and was finally retired in February 2022.

red arrows - upcycled jewellery

Our Red Arrows Jewellery Collection

It’s impossible not to be in awe of the world renown RAF aerobatic team as they showcase their precision diamond nine formation, or the red, white, and blue tail smoke that might make you well up with national pride. But the Red Arrows are more than the incredibly talented and somewhat fearless pilots. It’s about the Hawk aeroplane, the craftsmanship that’s gone into creating each individual aeroplane, their unbelievable acceleration, bold colour, the ability to manoeuvre even the most difficult corkscrew moves and of course, their history and all it stands for.

It’s sad to imagine these fighter jets going out of commission, but the time comes for every plane to be grounded. Upcycling raw materials from retired Red Arrows jets is a fantastic way to ensure that these much-loved planes and the high quality, durable materials that they’re made from have a renewed lease of life.

red arrows upcycled pendant jewellery

Red Arrows Pendant

So for fans of the iconic Red Arrows Team who first performed in 1965, our brand new sterling silver Red Arrows jewellery is an absolute must-have. Our striking Red Arrows Pendant makes a unique aviation gift for a special person in your life or even better, why not buy it for yourself? Made from original pieces of the aircraft skin taken from the rudder of Red Arrows XX227, this bold red pendant is  guaranteed to elicit compliments and be a great conversation starter. 

The bold colour exudes confidence and yet, the simple, elegant rectangular design combines perfectly with the beautiful sterling silver casing to make an extraordinary piece of upcycled jewellery. There are a range of chain lengths and styles to choose from including rope, snake, trace, or curb chain, or if you prefer to use one of your own, there’s also the option to purchase the pendant on its own.

Whether you wear this unusual pendant for a wedding, the upcoming coronation, or as part of your daily attire, it will always serve as a reminder of the magnificent Red Arrows plane as it came cruising across the blue sunny skies above Britain.

red arrows jewellery range

Red Arrows Cufflinks

These should be on the wish list of every male aviation enthusiast – our Red Arrows Cufflinks. These have been carefully crafted from upcycled rudder and combined with Hepburn & Hughes’ signature sterling silver casing to make a classic addition to any shirt and suit combo. Every set of cufflinks purchased comes in their own stylish black cufflink box with a certificate of provenance and information card.

Currently available in red or a mixed set of blue and red, these cufflinks gifts are a very rare find indeed. Handcrafted, with unending love, attention to detail and care, each cufflink is entirely individual with its own piece of Red Arrows. And to make the cufflinks even more unique there is the option to purchase them with the aircraft number engraved on the surface. You won’t find anything else like this limited collection anywhere. 

These Royal Air Force cufflinks really are the best gift for any aviation lover. It’s like having a stamp of history right there on your shirt, as well as being an incredible way of upcycling the Red Arrows in a thoroughly modern and exquisite way.

May 04, 2023 — Louise Parkin