The festive season is upon us and 2022 seems to have flown by. Each year it gets harder to think of that unique gift for our family and friends, but we hope at Hepburn & Hughes that we have a solution.

Perfect Christmas Gifts with a Difference

From unique and quirky to sentimental and sophisticated, we have all types of gifts covered for your nearest and dearest this Christmas – even those hard-to-buy-for men in your life.

This year we have expanded our collection of upcycled jewellery and cufflinks, focusing on creating gifts that tell a story.

1. Unique gift for her: Upcycled Clarice Cliff jewellery

Clarice cliff jewellery

Every woman wants to feel like she's wearing something special or unique at Christmas. Pictured here is one of our signature Clarice Cliff pendants made from broken pieces of the artist's ceramics, upcycling them to create unique jewellery with an Art Deco style.

These statement pieces look perfect worn on a longer 30" chain. The ideal Christmas gift for lovers of Art Deco or Clarice Cliff's striking and unique designs.


2. Unique gift for him: Spitfire cufflinks made with original fuselage

spitfire cufflinks

Men can be SO hard to buy for, but we have the perfect solution. We have been fortunate to acquire some original pieces of the iconic Supermarine Spitfire fuselage. We take small sections of the fuselage and set them in 15mm square sterling silver cufflinks.

These aviation cufflinks make ideal gifts for anyone with an interest in World War II history, and are often given as a gift to pass down through the generations. We also have Spitfire rings and pendants made from these fragments of fuselage, both new products which have proved extremely popular.


3. Nautical Gifts for him and her: HMS Victory cufflinks and jewellery made with original pieces of the ship's oak

HMS Victory jewellery

Everyone loves to wear something that makes them feel special and stand out, and these unique sterling silver cufflinks do just that. Made from original pieces of oak from HMS Victory, they certainly create a talking point and a chance to own a piece of Britishl History

We purchased the material removed during restoration, as part of a fundraising project to assist in the ongoing maintenance of the ship. A certificate of provenance is provided. Take a look at our HMS Victory cufflinks made with copper


4. Sophisticated accessories for that Little Black Dress: Art Deco Collection

art deco necklace

 Meeting up with family and friends, office parties and New Year celebrations are just a few highlights of the festive calendar. Accessorise that Christmas outfit with something unique.

Our monochrome range of Art Deco pieces offers a wide choice of pendants and earrings to give you that glamorous look. They can be worn with a little black dress or more formally, to complement elegant evening wear.

5. Aviation themed gifts: Chinook Helicopter and Concorde Cufflinks

concorde cufflinks
This season we have expanded our theme of aviation- and military-themed gifts and are very excited to offer cufflinks made from panels from both a Chinook helicopter also the iconic Concorde aeroplane.
chinook cufflinks

Some people have been lucky enough to fly in one of these aircrafts but most have just admired from afar. They make a perfect gift for aviation enthusiasts everywhere. We also have a range of Concorde pendants and earrings made from a cooling panel. 


6. Quirky gifts for him: ZX Spectrum cufflinks


ZX Spectrum cufflinks

What gift can you give to someone who loves computers or gaming? Our ZX Spectrum cufflinks will certainly appeal to their techie nature. 

We upcycle old ZX Spectrum circuit boards to produce these striking computer cufflinks. In today's throwaway society it is estimated that as much as 50,000 tonnes of printed circuit board is scrapped each year in the UK. Our cufflinks go only a small way to reduce this – but we constantly search for ways of upcycling unwanted items. These computer circuit board cufflinks make the perfect retro gift for computer geeks everywhere. 


 7. Elegant and timeless gifts: Muonionalusta meteorite collection

meteorite jewellery collection

An extremely rare Swedish meteorite, Muonionalusta, fell to earth more than 1 million years ago and is estimated to be around 4 billion years old. A perfect opportunity for someone to wear something from outer space.

We have a selection of Meteorite pendants, earrings in cufflinks made out of this striking Swedish meteorite, which make elegant and timeless gifts.


8. Historical gifts for her: Berlin Wall pendant

Berlin wall pendant

 A great opportunity to own and wear a little piece of history. We take graffitied sections of the Berlin Wall and set them in sterling silver pendants.

November 2020 marked 31 years since it was officially announced the border would open up between East and West Berlin again, and at that point demolition unofficially began with citizens claiming their piece of history. We also do a colourful range of Berlin Wall cufflinks. 


9. Ancient fossil gifts for both him and her: Ammonite pendants and cufflinks   

ammonite jewellery collection

If you know anyone with a love of palaeontology, geology or ancient history then why not give them an ancient ammonite gift.

We have a wide selection of different ammonites, including the Madagascan ammonite pendant and earrings pictured above, and also the rarer and more delicate Promicoceras ammonite jewellery, which are found along Britain's south-west coastal region. There is also a Pyrite ammonite collection renowned for its silver sheen. 


10.  Affordable gifts for those on a budget: Seashell jewellery

abalone shell jewellery

Our seashell jewellery collection is an affordable range ideal for budget-conscious shoppers, and is full of pretty sea shell pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets.  We use a variety of shells including the Abalone shell pictured above and also Mother of Pearl jewellery, Troca sea snail shell, which is backfilled with black resin to make striking jewellery, and also the Shiva Eye shell, a white shell which features a delicate natural swirl. 

Prices start from just £25. 

We hope all of these suggestions give you some inspiration for Christmas gift ideas. If you need any help deciding or have any questions about our products, please just give us a shout – you can click on the message button at the bottom of the screen or email – and we're happy to help and advise. 

Have a wonderful festive season!


Zoe & Louise