Thirty years of marriage is a milestone worth celebrating – and what better way to celebrate than with a meaningful gift? For 30 years of marriage pearl is the official associated gemstone and therefore can make a beautiful and well-thought out present. We take a look at why pearls are the perfect representative for 30 years of marriage and take a closer look at our Mother of Pearl jewellery range


Why the 30th Wedding Anniversary Stone is Pearl

The tradition of associating specific gemstones or materials with wedding anniversaries was made popular in the 20th century, and the symbolic gift for the 30th year is pearl. Pearls are known for their purity and beauty and, in a marriage, they can represent your journey of growth with your significant other. The formation of a pearl can also symbolise resilience and strength in a marriage. 

Pearls are made by marine oysters and freshwater mussels as a natural defence system against parasites who could enter their shells and damage them. The natural beauty of pearl becomes the perfect present to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary.


How to Gift on a 30th Anniversary 

Achieving 30 years of marriage is a significant milestone and it should be celebrated! But what gift can be given on this momentous occasion? Pearls grow within oysters and, over time, their beauty and strength grows – much like marriage. This makes pearl a lovely and thoughtful gift. In our Mother of Pearl collection, we have a range of beautiful pieces which centre around this beautiful stone. 

Mother of Pearl Ring - £39

Carefully hand-packaged, our Mother of Pearl Double Teardrop Ring is set in sterling silver and is a gift your loved one can enjoy all year round. Also known as Nacre, Mother of Pearl is made of the same material as pearls – the iridescent shell material is strong and resilient and creates stunning natural jewellery. Our Mother of Pearl ring is a timeless gift that can be cherished for years to come. Much like the pearl, a ring can also symbolise love, commitment and friendship – all important ingredients in a long and happy marriage.

pearl ring



Mother of Pearl Large Starfish Pendant - £60

Our Mother of Pearl Large Starfish Pendant is inspired by the ocean, and features a beautiful silver mosaic finish, adding a subtle shine to the pearl necklace. Much like our Mother of Pearl ring above, our Mother of Pearl Starfish Pendant is created with iridescent shell material, which makes beautiful and natural jewellery. 

pearl starfish necklace



Mother of Pearl Starfish Earrings - £49

A pearl jewellery set can be a perfect gift. Our Mother of Pearl earrings in the shape of a starfish can be paired with the pendant above. To celebrate 30 years of harmonious matrimony, we would recommend getting a present that will be appreciated every single day. Also, did you know that we are now offering gift wrapping? Making your anniversary run even more smoothly, here at Hepburn & Hughes, we can wrap your jewellery set for you. 

pearl starfish earrings


Mother of Pearl Oval & Square Pendant - £45 Each

For the more minimalist jewellery wearer, we have our Mother of Pearl Oval and Square pendants. This elegant piece of jewellery effortlessly complements any outfit while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, and is ideal for making a romantic gesture, as this is jewellery that can be worn every day. Our Mother of Pearl Oval and Square Pendants boast versatility and a flawless finish.

pear pendant