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Each wedding anniversary has a different traditional meaning and gift associated with it, depending on how many years you’re celebrating. There are also wedding anniversary stones associated with each year.

Jewellery makes the Perfect Anniversary Gift

So, if you’re buying a gift for friends or parents and you would like to know the traditional anniversary gifts and their meanings, we’ve got them all below for you.             
 Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gift  Gemstone 
1st Paper Peridot
2nd Cotton Garnet / Rose Quartz
3rd Leather Pearl / Moonstone
4th Linen Blue Topaz / Amethyst
5th Wood Sapphire / Turquoise
6th Iron Amethyst / Turquoise
7th Wool Onyx
8th Bronze Tourmaline / Tanzanite
9th Copper / Pottery Lapis Luzuli
10th Tin Diamond / Onyx
11th Steel Turquoise
12th Silk Jade
13th Lace Citrine
14th Ivory Opal
15th Crystal Ruby
16th Silverware Peridot
17th Furniture Carnelian
18th Porcelain Cats Eye
19th Bronze Aquamarine
20th China Emerald
21st Nickel / Brass Lolite
22nd Copper Spinel
23rd Silver Plate Imperial Topaz
24th Opal Tanzanite
25th Silver Silver Jewellery
26th Pictures n/a
27th Sculptures n/a
28th Orchids Tourmaline
29th Furniture n/a
30th Pearl Pearl
35th Coral Emerald
40th Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold n/a
55th Emerald Alexandrite
60th Diamond Diamond


The information in this table relates to every anniversary year up until the 30th, and then every five years onwards to the 60th. We have also put links to some of the stunning anniversary gifts we currently have on our website that correspond  with these years.

1st Anniversary Gift Idea

We have some gorgeous Peridot gifts starting at £29. Peridot is a lime green gemstone said to enhance health, sleep and relationships. 

These Peridot earrings are £39. 

peridot earrings oval in sterling silver, green gemstone peridot


5th Anniversary Gift Idea

Wood is traditionally given for the fifth wedding anniversary, which is not always easy to fulfil in the jewellery world. Our HMS Victory oak range includes cufflinks, men's ring and pendant, which can be worn by men or women. 

HMS Victory jewellery starts from £79. 


HMS Victory oak ring and pendant in sterling silver



10th Anniversary Gift Idea

We may not have Diamonds in our jewellery range, but did you know Onyx is also a traditional 10-year anniversary gift. So you could treat your other half with these gorgeous Black Onyx earrings. Cufflinks, pendants and bracelets are also available, at prices from £35. 

Faceted Black Onyx earrings with double bezel and sterling silver, £39.

faceted black onyx earrings in sterling silver


20th Anniversary Gift Idea

China is the traditional gift to give your husband or wife on your 20th wedding anniversary. We have a couple of options for both men and women, with jewellery and cufflinks made from Clarice Cliff pottery and Minton Willow Pattern.

Clarice Cliff Jewellery, prices from £55. 


clarice cliff pottery jewellery stirling silver


Minton Ceramic Pendant, prices from £49. 

Minton pottery pendant, willow pattern blue and white

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Silver is the traditional gift for your 25th Wedding Anniversary, and all our jewellery is made with sterling silver so you can be sure to find a gift with us. We have given you a few ideas below.

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Hepburn & hughes jewellery

If you have any questions about any of our jewellery collections, or would like some help in choosing the right gift for that special someone, then please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help and advise you.