Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are looking to be inspired by the season of romance, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be listing our top five favourite jewellery picks which will make the ideal Valentine’s Day gift this year. 


1. Jade Gemstone Cufflinks - £119

Searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day? Look no further than our Jade Gemstone Cufflinks, a timeless and thoughtful present that exudes both style and significance. Sourced from Brazil, our jade stones are set in stunning Sterling Silver.

Meticulously crafted, each cufflink features Nephrite Jade, also known as the revered Stone of Heaven. The rich history and enduring elegance of jade make these cufflinks not just accessories, but symbols of enduring love and appreciation.

The Jade stone holds significant symbolism across a variety of cultures. Mainly, Jade is often associated with longevity and immortality. In Chinese culture specifically, Jade is believed to possess qualities which extend our lives and promote health and vitality. Whereas in many other cultures, Jade is associated with harmony and balance. It is believed to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit, as well as to relationships and environments - ideal for a Valentine’s Day gift.

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2. Rainbow Moonstone Pendant - £50

Next up, we have our Moonstone Pendant delicately set in Sterling Silver. This latest addition to our esteemed Moonstone gemstone collection is a perfect choice for Valentine's Day, offering a timeless and meaningful gift for your loved one. 

This pendant carries sentiments of love and affection – with its ethereal beauty it will capture the essence of romance. Surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a moonstone pendant, a gift that symbolises the depth of your love and the promise of beautiful moments together. 

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3. Abalone Shell Earrings - £45

If you’re looking for a statement piece that is a little more unusual as a Valentine’s Day present this year, we would recommend our Abalone Shell Earrings. This captivating blend of ocean-inspired beauty and elegance is the ideal gift for the jewellery lover who prefers statement pieces. With rich hues of blues, aquamarines, greens and subtle hints of purple and gold, these stunning earrings will be sure to get many compliments. Laid over these myriad colours is the sterling silver Tree of Life, symbolising growth, strength and interconnectedness – the perfect gift idea to celebrate yet another Valentine’s Day with a long-term partner. 

Each and every piece of the Hepburn & Hughes range is crafted with care – and our Abalone Shell Earrings are no different. These circular earrings embody the essence of nature’s splendour and bring the profound beauty of the ocean to your ears. 

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4. Mahjong Cufflinks - £90

Cufflinks can be a fun gift for your Valentine – now picture Mahjong Cufflinks, made from authentic Mahjong tiles. This truly distinctive set is ideal for any board game lovers or enthusiasts of Chinese culture. To craft these unique pieces, we have sourced the titles from Hong Kong, where they have been made with traditional Bamboo and Bone. 

Around 30 years old, these tiles have been set into sterling silver to make a memorable Valentine’s Day present. Within the set, three distinct groups of suits, two sets of Honors tiles (Winds and Dragons), and two sets of bonus tiles (Flowers and Seasons) provide a rich tapestry of symbolism and tradition. These cufflinks are the perfect unusual Valentine’s Day gift that your loved one will truly be surprised to receive. 

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5. Japanese Imari Pendant - £89

Last, but certainly not least is our Japanese Imari Pendant. This stunning fusion of modern craftsmanship, paired with the bold Japanese pattern, makes for an eye-catching pendant. This sterling silver pendant showcases a captivating circular design adorned with intricate red and blue patterns, meticulously handcrafted from a damaged Imari plate sourced from Japan's renowned Arita region.

The antique porcelain from which this pendant is fashioned features delightful bird and flower motifs, rendered in vibrant colours that include the characteristic blue underglaze, along with accents of red, gold, and other hues. Each element is expertly incorporated to create a visually striking piece that evokes the rich cultural heritage of Japan. These unique and fun pieces make for a distinctive present for Valentine’s Day this year.

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Louise Parkin