Moonstones have long been considered a sophisticated stone, which can elevate any jewellery piece. In this article, we will be discussing the symbolism behind this beloved gem, and how we have incorporated it into our range of striking pieces. 


The Symbolism Of Moonstone Jewellery

As well as being the birthstone for June birthdays and a gift for 3rd wedding anniversaries, Moonstones hold a lot of other potential meaning. Characterised by an enchanting play of light, these beautiful and eye-catching gemstones owe their name to the mysterious shimmer that changes as light refracts through the stone. So, what is the symbolism behind these gemstones?

Timeless Elegance

Moonstones are renowned for their timeless elegance and ability to be captivating statement pieces. Whether for gifting or special occasions, our diverse range of designs ensures there's something to suit any style. With their subtle yet mesmerising colouring, Moonstone effortlessly elevates sophisticated outfits or takes centre stage as conversation starters. Always set against sterling silver, our Moonstone pieces exude an enduring radiance that captures the imagination and steals the spotlight wherever you go.

Meaningful Symbolism 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Moonstone holds profound symbolic significance, representing intuition, balance, and new beginnings. It is thought that by wearing Moonstone, you can help calm any emotional turbulence you are feeling, reduce overwhelming feelings of stress and bring about a sense of inner peace.

Also, did you know that Moonstones have been carried by travellers for many years? Travellers have been using Moonstone as a protective amulet which is believed to safeguard them against accidents or any misfortune. To ward off negative energies during journeys, whether physical or spiritual, people might carry a piece of Moonstone.

Moonstones are also directly linked to feminine energy. They are believed to enhance qualities such as intuition, receptivity and compassion. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, our Moonstone Jewellery Collection serves as a meaningful reminder of life's endless possibilities and the beauty of embracing change.

Our Moonstone Collection

Renowned for its timeless elegance, our Moonstone collection stands out as the epitome of captivating statement pieces. In our collection, we have a variety of rings, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks which hold this beautiful gemstone. 

Our Rainbow Moonstone Pendant collection is truly a sight to behold. Perfect to gift to someone special, we would recommend obtaining one of these lovely pendants as a way to commemorate a 3rd wedding anniversary or a June birthday. These stunning designs can be treasured through the generations.

moonstone necklace

Our Rainbow Moonstone displays an iridescence or adularescence sheen, which is unique to every stone. When light catches the surface of the stone, the effect is flashes of rainbow colours. Rainbow Moonstones are relatively rare in comparison to a typical Moonstone. In our range, we have a variety of different sized Rainbow Moonstone pendants, either in an oval or teardrop shape.

To pair with our stunning Rainbow Moonstone pendants, we also have a small selection of Moonstone rings and earrings, in which the beautiful glow of the iridescent Moonstone can be seen, encapsulated in sterling silver. 

Also in our Moonstone Collection, is our stand alone Oval Madrassi White Moonstone Pendant. This striking Madrassi Moonstone pendant is set in sterling silver and has a wonderful milky appearance with an off-white creamy colour. If you love Moonstones and want something a little different, we would highly recommend a Madrassi White Moonstone.

moonstone necklace