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With King Charles’ Coronation just around the corner, celebratory street parties and Coronation 2023 events are launching with gusto across the British Isles. So, it’s time to hang out the union jacks, salute the pearly kings and queens, drink copious amounts of tea and of course, enjoy the obligatory scones, cream and jam (or jam and cream, we don’t discriminate). 

And with the impending wave of national unity and much-needed fun, even the great British weather surely can’t put a dampener on proceedings.

Our Twist On Coronation Memorabilia

Here at Hepburn & Hughes, we have had our thinking caps on, and not to turn down the chance of getting involved in such a momentous occasion, we’ve pulled together a striking collection of Coronation jewellery, fit for a king.

So read our guide below and doff your hats to commemorate all things British.

vintage stamp cufflinks sterling silver

One Of A Kind Upcycled Jewellery

We produce one-of-a-kind pieces, expertly crafted and made from the coolest British raw materials, like pieces of Red Arrow aircraft and Clarice Cliff ceramics, fitting the Coronation vibe to a tee.

One of our quirky ideas for men is a heritage set of Vintage Stamp Cufflinks, complete with pieces of authentic franked Queen Victoria stamp encased in a gorgeous sterling silver casing. Ideal for lovers of history, stamp collectors and anyone wanting to make their own mark on this year’s historic Coronation Day.

Or how about an upcycled piece of the stunning Art Deco Clarice Cliff jewellery collection? Like this striking Clarice Cliff Art Deco Ring, with its eye-catching orange and white design that instantly evokes nostalgia for past times.

So, why choose a Clarice Cliff piece? She was one of the Art Deco designers of the day, during the 1920s and 1930s, especially famous for her hand-painted pottery. When you see her fabulous vintage designs you’ll know why, and wearing one of these rings means you really do have history at your fingertips.

Our Unique Coronation Jewellery

There’s nothing as quintessentially British as the Royal Air Force. After all, these much-loved planes and their brave crew played a central part in the epic Battle of Britain and, quite rightly, feature in the grand pomp and ceremony of royal events.

red arrows pendant upcycled rudder aviation gift

Who can resist the excitement of a Red Arrows diamond nine flypast, complete with their signature red, white, and blue tail smoke? There surely cannot be any better way to mark this coronation than with the Red Arrows Hawk Pendant, made from original pieces of a red arrows rudder section of a Red Arrows Hawk T.1A XX227 aircraft. 

The signature red of the plane’s bodywork coupled with the elegant rectangular sterling silver casing makes this an exquisite piece of jewellery, one you will want to wear time and time again. As if you need any more convincing, it’ll go perfectly with the red, white, and blue coronation theme too. Just imagine the conversations now as you explain over a cucumber sandwich about its incredible background! 

If you’re a lover of modern history, particularly WW2, you’re also going to love the iconic Spitfire collection, including the magnificent Spitfire Ring for Men, set with original pieces of the spitfire fuselage.

spitfire ring for men made with original spitfire fuselage set in sterling silver

The Spitfire ring, which comes with its own certificate of authenticity, has a central band of Spitfire fuselage that is the perfect size, not too chunky but substantial, and the earthy, masculine, metallic tones will pair with any outfit you’re intending to wear on the 6th of May.

Alternatively, our Lancaster Bomber Cufflinks, made from salvaged fuselage pieces from an Avro Lancaster Bomber, the most famous and successful heavy bomber of WW2, make an incredible accessory to any suit.

lancaster bomber cufflinks - sterling silver

Even better, £5 of every item from the upcycled WW2 cufflink and jewellery range will be donated to SSAFA, the armed forces charity via Work for Good. Unbelievably impressive jewellery that does good in the world too. You’ll be humming the dam busters all the way to the street party!


April 28, 2023 — Louise Parkin