International Women's Day and Women's History Month are all about uplifting and shining a light on the amazing achievements females have made and continue to make. They push innovation, drive businesses, and continue to carve out a path for women to blossom and flourish in all sectors of life and work.

At Hepburn & Hughes, we have cultivated a women-founded business that has influences from the past whilst looking towards the future. In this article, we will introduce you to the amazing team that is behind Hepburn & Hughes.

Who Is Behind Hepburn & Hughes?

We are a business founded by women! Let us introduce ourselves – we are Zoe and Louise and we set up Hepburn & Hughes in 2018. We are the proud sister-in-law owners of our small family-run business that first began when we inherited some amazing jewellery stock from Kelvin, our father/father-in-law. 

Kelvin launched a similar business in 2004, building a range of unique cufflinks and jewellery that celebrates the wonders of the natural world as well as some of the best products made by humans. 

Zoe was a leading light in the finance industry, while Louise was a property journalist, and both of us have a passion for unique and interesting jewellery. That is why we combined our love of jewellery with our areas of specialism, and turned it into a business, making jewellery that can't be found anywhere else.


The Hepburn & Hughes Team

The History Of Our Unique Jewellery

When people think of jewellery they may think of dainty chains and little jewels, with no history or story behind them. We wanted our jewellery to look amazing on your hands, necks, wrists and ears as well as telling an interesting tale. Our passion is to create unique and exquisite jewellery and cufflinks. That is why we scour the internet and rifle through antique shops, to source unique products that can be upcycled to create the most unusual pieces. 

Common materials used in jewellery are precious metals, so how could we possibly create something new? Our materials are what make our ranges unique – we use parts of reclaimed Spitfire fuselage, fragments of the Berlin Wall, broken or damaged Clarice Cliff and Minton Willow Pattern plates, as well as copper and oak from HMS Victory salvaged during her restoration. 

Now how can we take this one step further and create timeless, historical pieces of priceless jewellery? Ancient fossils. Our range of stunning and unusual jewellery encompasses fossils and gemstones found all over the world. 


Moonstone necklace

Our Exciting Jewellery Collections

Our jewellery is unique and timeless, just like the artefacts and memorabilia that we repurpose. We have designed our unique collections and offer a wide range of gemstone jewellery as well as  items from the natural world, such as ammonites and dinosaur bone fossils to create our fossil jewellery.

Our Collection of Upcycled Jewellery With Historical Parts

Upcycled jewellery is a great way to bring life to the past and carry it into the present. We source pieces of historical memorabilia from World War II planes, pieces of the Berlin Wall and reclaimed pieces of HMS Victory, and turn them into unique sets of sterling silver jewellery.

Our Fossil Jewellery Collection

Our collection of fossil jewellery is inspired by the natural world and dates back millions of years. It is made up of ammonites and meteorites as well as fossilised dinosaur bones, trilobites and fossilised sea creatures.

ammonite cufflinks

Our Gemstone Jewellery Collection

Gemstones are a wonderful way to make beautiful eye-catching pieces. Our collection offers a wide variety of different gemstones that shimmer and sparkle and are set in sterling silver. We have stones such as Moonstone and Labradorite, and Lapis Lazuli as well as birthstones.