One of our most commonly asked questions include: "Which chain length would you recommend?" and "Which chain style is the most popular?"

Buying jewellery for yourself, or as a special gift, doesn't need to be a stressful process when armed with the right information. When you've spent a long time selecting your pendant it's very important to choose the most suitable chain length.

This article and accompanying video aim to help you choose the best chain to complement the pendant you are buying. 

All of our chains are made from 925 sterling silver and come in a variety of lengths from 16 inches to 30 inches. Styles range from a classic rope chain to an elegant snake chain. Trace chains and curb chains offer a more relaxed and casual look.

You are able to upgrade to any of these chains when you are selecting your pendant, and we offer a discounted price when purchasing with a pendant.


16" SNAKE BASE OF NECK Blouses and smaller pendants
18" ROPE OR SNAKE BELOW NECK LINE Goes with everything and our most popular length
24" CURB ABOVE CHEST Popular with men and higher neckline tops
30" TRACE OR SNAKE BELOW CHEST/ ON SOLAR PLEXUS Statement and larger pendants. 

 18" Rope Chains

18" rope chain

We currently offer these for free with every pendant purchased.  The 18" rope chain offers a classic look and a majority of pendants sold on the market come with chains this length.  Rope chains are loose and flexible and offer a classic and stylish look. 

The 18" rope chain sits below your neckline but will vary depending on your height and size so please bear this in mind – the picture above is being modelled by someone 5ft 3inches tall. If you wear open-collared blouses, scoop neck tops or v neck tops then this will be the perfect length.

18" Snake Chains

Snake chains are solid and offer a more elegant look than rope chains. The thickness of our snake chain is 1.2-1.6mm. A snake chain is perfect for jewellery that is intended to be worn with more formal outfits or for business events. The same length as the rope chain above, this 18" length can be worn with a wide variety of necklines and is generally the most popular length. 

16" Snake Chains

16" chains sit on the base of your neck, like a choker, and are ideal if you want the pendant to sit against the skin when wearing higher necklines. This chain length is well suited to smaller pendants and charms. However larger pendants on a shorter chain can make for a real statement effect.

24" Curb Chains

24" Curb chain

A 24 inch curb chain is one of our favourite lengths with the ladies at Hepburn & Hughes. Perfect with round-necked tops, roll necks and ideal if you are a little bit taller and want something more proportional to your height. We often pair it with a 30" trace chain to create the layered look which is in fashion right now (as shown in the picture above).

This is also a popular length with men as it suits their wider frame, and sits just below the neckline so can be worn with open collared shirts or T-shirts. 

30" Trace Chains

30" trace chain

We wear the 30" trace chain constantly as it suits so many different styles of pendant and outfit. It can be dressed up or down depending on what you are wearing. And the best news is it can be slipped on over the head so no fiddling with clasps! The longer length sits below your chest and around your solar plexus – depending on your height. We like it best with larger pendants to give them that real statement look.

30" Snake Chains

30" snake chain
30" snake chains have all the benefits of trace chains but are that little bit heavier and very much suited to larger statement pendants. The snake chain has a more solid appearance.