The age old question: What would make a good gift this Father’s Day? We understand the struggle of buying presents for dads. Every gift on the shelf seems to be related to alcohol, chocolate or tools – but what if your dad doesn’t like any of these things? Here at Hepburn & Hughes, we pride ourselves on creating ranges of jewellery with character and we are certain we have something your dad will love. 

Father’s Day Gifts For the History Buff 

Cufflinks are the perfect gift for many reasons. As well as looking dapper with any suit, cufflinks are a timeless, practical gift which can also show off a flash of personality. Our Historic Collection has a range of different cufflinks and you will almost certainly find something that suits your father!

Vintage Golf Ball Cufflinks: £80

For the dad who loves golf and history, our Vintage Golf Ball Cufflinks are perfect. Created with original vintage Dunlop golf balls, we take sections of them and set them in sterling silver – perfect to add a touch of personality to any suit or formal attire. All of our golf balls are sourced from the early 1970s and you can choose between a numbered one or a set with the logo on them. 

Golf cufflinks

Berlin Wall Cufflinks: £119

Is your dad a history buff? Say no more! Our Berlin Wall Cufflinks make the perfect Father’s Day gift as they are made from genuine fragments of the Berlin Wall. Again, set in sterling silver, these cufflinks are iconic as they represent a significant piece of 20th century history. 

Sixpence Coin Cufflinks: £85

Another one of our favourites from our historical cufflink collection is our captivating pair of iconic cufflinks crafted from original sixpence pieces, elegantly set in sterling silver. These monetary cufflinks make an exceptional anniversary gift, a perfect Father's Day present, or a thoughtful gift for anyone born in the 1950s or 1960s.

Sixpence Cufflinks

The Spitfire Collection: £299

For all history buffs, our Spitfire collection is made from the salvaged fuselage of a Spitfire World War 2 plane and would make a wonderfully thoughtful Father’s Day gift. This collection consists of a set of stylish cufflinks, pendant and men's ring. The metal is in its original condition, with evidence of imperfections and undulating profiles.

For every sale of items from our upcycled WW2 cufflink and jewellery range, £5 will be donated to SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity via Work for Good. Therefore £15 from this set of three items will be donated – do good whilst also getting your dad a lovely gift. If you think your father would enjoy one of these pieces, instead of the set, you can also shop the cufflinks, pendants and men’s ring separately, as well!

Spitfire Collection

Father’s Day Gifts For the Stylish Gent

Whether he's a fashion-forward trendsetter or simply appreciates the finer things in life, finding the perfect present can make his day truly special. Here at Hepburn & Hughes, we have a range of men’s jewellery, which is made specifically for the suave gentleman looking to add a pop of personality to their suit. 

Rectangle Art Deco Cufflinks: £89

Do you have a stylish dad? Our stunning Art Deco cufflinks are made from our designs and are definitely a statement piece. Using jet black resin and sterling silver, these cufflinks work perfectly for the style-conscious dad, to enhance his suit or workwear. 

Meteorite Cufflinks

Snowflake Obsidian Cufflinks: £85

Our Snowflake Obsidian Cufflinks bring the love of science and nature together. Every pair is completely unique thanks to the beautifully contrasted blacks and whites forming unusual patterns. Snowflake Obsidian is volcanic glass that is formed as lava quickly cools, its snowflake appearance produced by internal crystallites. These cufflinks are one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only stylish but also great conversation starters. Perfect for the dad who loves to make a statement and has an eye for unique, intriguing designs.

Snowflake cufflinks

Meteorite Cufflinks: £149

These exquisite Meteorite Cufflinks, deeply set in sterling silver, make an outstanding gift for Father's Day. Made from the rare Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite, each and every pair features genuine meteorite fragments, creating a striking accessory for astronomy enthusiasts, stargazers and fashionable father’s alike.Gifting these cufflinks will be more than a simple Father’s Day present, but a memorable keepsake for years to come. 

Meteorite Cufflinks

HMS Victory Oak Tie Pin: £99

Our HMS Victory Oak Tie Pie is a unique piece of nautical jewellery featuring the original HMS Victory Oak. This stylish naval tiepin is a perfect gift for history lovers or fashionable dads. If you are still on the hunt for a gift that is trendy, practical and has special meaning, this fashion-forward tie pie could be ideal. 

Father’s Day Gifts For The Tech-Savvy Dad

Is your dad a gadget enthusiast? Or maybe a DIY tech wizard? Or is he simply someone who appreciates the convenience of modern technology? We have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying for the tech-savvy dad.

Circuit Board Cufflinks: £90

For all tech-savvy dads everywhere, we have upcycled vintage ZX Spectrums to create eye-catching cufflinks which have been crafted from the original computer circuit boards.

These cufflinks make a perfect gift for gaming and computer enthusiasts everywhere, as well as those with a passion for IT and an interest in the mechanics of technology. If your dad is into everything tech, these could be the perfect present for him!

Keyboard Cufflinks

Typewriter Key Cufflinks: £85

Our Typewriter Key Cufflinks are crafted from a vintage Corona typewriter, creating a distinctive and elegant accessory for any occasion. We have crafted these with sterling silver, these cufflinks are the perfect personal gift for a dad who cherishes writing and appreciates the charm of vintage mechanics. They make an exceptional Father's Day gift, celebrating his unique style and interests.

Typewriter Cufflinks
Olivia Scott