We are great admirers of the Roaring Twenties and the Art Deco era in particular, and we love bringing these styles into modern jewellery trends. Our Art Deco jewellery collection includes everything from elegant necklaces to distinctive cufflinks, and we aim to have every piece reflect the bold geometry, vibrant colours, and luxurious materials characteristic of this exciting period. We love bringing the glamour and sophistication of the 1920s into contemporary fashion, ensuring that all of our pieces not only stand out, but also add a touch of vintage charm and individuality to your style. 


Art Deco jewellery: What is it and Why do we Love it so Much?

Art Deco Resurgence

We love the Art Deco era here at Hepburn & Hughes for many reasons. But recently, there has been a resurgence of interest in this style. Many aspects of Art Deco design have been finding their way into modern life, including through architecture and, of course, jewellery. We wanted to create jewellery that represents the social and cultural dynamics that influenced these aesthetics. 

Distinctive Characteristics

The Roaring 20s was the time of bold colours, geometric shapes and intricate craftsmanship, and we are developing these eye-catching designs to create a line of jewellery which is relevant for modern times. Our Art Deco jewellery transcends its historical origins to appeal to contemporary tastes.

Sustainability & Ethical Considerations 

To create this stunning range of Art Deco jewellery, we upcycle beautiful pieces in a sustainable manner. For example, our Clarice Cliff jewellery collection has been created from broken pottery pieces from this era. As well as being able to bring Art Deco to the modern jewellery-lover, we can also reuse pieces of history. 


Our Art Deco Jewellery Collection

Our Art Deco jewellery collection celebrates the Roaring Twenties, using artefacts from the era as well as making new designs that marry age-old motifs with contemporary design.  

Art Deco Pendant - Angel Design: £79.00

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, we designed The Angel pendant. This striking necklace is a central piece in our collection of monochrome Art Deco jewellery. The symmetrical clean lines, angular shapes and lack of intricate detail are hallmarks of the iconic Art Deco style. Created using sterling silver and black resin, this pendant also comes with matching earrings so you can live your Art Deco dreams. 


Oval Clarice Cliff Pendant - Art Deco Necklace: £99

Clarice Cliff was a prominent figure of the 1920s, with her pottery being iconic of the time. With some of her beautiful designs, we have been able to upcycle vintage broken ceramics from her collection and turn them into wonderful jewellery pieces. This Clarice Cliff pendant is oval and created with sterling silver. 

Our Clarice Cliff collection, including this striking Art Deco necklace, was designed using her limited edition range from Wedgwood, titled ‘Bizarre Living Landscapes’. Bringing forward the bursts of colour that were present during the Roaring 20s, these pendants are definitely eye-catching. 


Seashell Pendant - Burgundy Troca Shell: £39

Our Seashell Pendant has been crafted from a burgundy Troca shell and sterling silver. The geometric style and architectural structure is reminiscent of the Art Deco period, and the neutral, beautiful colours are extremely versatile and can be worn with all types of outfits. So, how are these lovely pieces made? The central sections of the Troca shell have been meticulously shaped and arranged into a fan shape, with resin filling the chambers. This entire section is then honed and polished, revealing a uniquely patterned and robust piece, which is finished in sterling silver.


Art Deco Cufflinks - Clarice Cliff Collection: £119

Again, created from the beautiful Bizarre Living Landscapes collection from Clarice Cliff, are our Clarice Cliff cufflinks. These highly sought-after Art Deco cufflinks are vibrant and quirky, perfect for enhancing any special occasion. Eye-catching and original, they add a sense of individuality to any formal attire.

Louise Parkin