Summer is officially here and with the weather now looking brighter, you may be feeling like it’s time to update your jewellery looks. With the right pieces, you can create fun summer looks which will effortlessly capture the season's vibrant and relaxed vibe. In this article, we will be giving you our favourite ways to welcome in the first day of this new season with jewellery. 


Embrace the Colours of Summer With Gemstone Jewellery 

Summer is all about showing off those bright and lively colours – think pinks, purples and blues to match that sun-kissed feeling. Our gemstone collection features a range of pieces that feature these must-have summer hues – perfect for complementing all of those summer outfits.


Turquoise Jewellery For Summer

With its beautiful shades of blue and green, Turquoise is synonymous with summer. Reminding us of clear blue skies, we love this Turquoise bracelet, which will be a great statement piece and add a pop of colour to your outfit.

summer jewellery

Silver Rose Quartz Earrings

The warm sun can do wonders for your mood. Summer is the season of light, warmth, and renewal. It’s a time to embrace new beginnings and bask in the beauty of nature.  When it comes to accessories, silver rose quartz earrings are an ideal choice for the summer months. With their delicate pink hue combined with the elegance of silver, they make a versatile and stylish addition to your jewellery collection. 

rose quartz earrings silver

Sun-kissed Citrine Necklaces 

Citrine is another classic summer gemstone. Capturing the true warmth of the sun, this beautiful golden stone is like wearing the warm summer sun around your neck. A Citrine pendant paired with earrings or even a ring will bring that summer glow to any look. 

summer jewellery

Nature-inspired Jewellery Designs

Summer is when all the plants and flowers come out of their hibernating winter spell and start to bloom once more. This season, why not celebrate this beauty by wearing nature-inspired jewellery?

Floral Pendants 

One way you can bring summer into your jewellery picks is through pendants with floral motifs. Our Meg Muir pieces, for example, are hand-painted on to sea glass and each features an eye-catching floral arrangement. These delicate floral motifs truly represent summer. Take the Hand Painted Sea Glass Rose Pendant from this collection, for example. Roses bloom all summer long and this lovely design captures the beauty of nature in a unique and timeless fashion.

summer jewellery

Nature-inspired Cufflinks

For all our landscape lovers, you can also sport nature-inspired cufflinks, like our K2 mountain jewellery. These stone cufflinks make a striking and unique gift, particularly for lovers of geology and climbing and are perfect for summer. 


summer jewellery

Seaside Pieces for Summer

Who is spending most of their summer days at the beach? With the summer weather finally here, we have a range of ocean-inspired jewellery choices that can evoke the beauty of the sea. 

Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Our Mother of Pearl jewellery range is classic and versatile. Whether you are looking for a simple Mother of Pearl pendant, or a Mother of Pearl ring, it can add a touch of elegance to both casual and formal summer outfits. Not to mention the iridescent, shimmering quality of Mother of pearl as it reflects light beautifully, giving it a cool and refreshing look that is perfect for summer.


summer jewellery

Seaside Pendants 

For those looking to wear a piece of the ocean through the long summer days, we can recommend our large starfish necklace. Our beautiful Mother of Pearl starfish pendant has an eye-catching silver mosaic finish which adds a subtle shine to the pendant. Perfect for those who are celebrating a June birthday or looking to keep the beach vibes with them through this season.

large starfish necklace