Summer solstice is upon us and is definitely worth a celebration. The summer solstice occurs when the sun is at its furthest point from the equator, which creates the longest day of the year. Celebrated since the Neolithic era, there are many different ways of welcoming this exciting event. Here are some of our favourite ways to celebrate the summer solstice

Welcome the Sunrise For Solstice

In grand solstice tradition, it’s important to greet the sunrise. Find a serene spot (extra points if you have a clear view of the horizon!) and sit quietly, soaking up the energy of the rising sun, and celebrating the tradition of welcoming new beginnings and the abundance of light that the solstice brings. Rising with the sun on this day is thought to align us with the earth’s rhythm and enhance our on-going connection to nature and the universe around us. 

Connect with Nature During Summer Solstice 

The solstice is a great chance to spend time outdoors and appreciate the longest day of the year. To truly celebrate this day, why not go on a long walk, have a picnic outside and explore your local green spaces. Nature at its peak during the solstice, and with the longer daylight hours, this will help boost your mood and foster a sense of positivity. 

Combine the Traditional Bonfire & Stargazing

Traditionally, bonfires have been a way to celebrate the solstice, particularly among Celtic, Slavic, and Germanic peoples. These fires were believed to enhance the sun's power for the rest of the crop season, ensuring a healthy harvest. 

A simple yet fun way to celebrate summer solstice is to gather friends and family for an evening around the fire. You can share stories together, sing songs, and maybe even dance around the flames – like so many Celtic, Slavic, and Germanic people did long ago. The bonfire is thought to symbolise the sun and the power of its light and warmth.

Whilst enjoying the bonfire, you can also end your day by stargazing. The solstice night, being one of the shortest, offers a unique perspective on the transition between light and dark. After the bonfire has been put out, take a minute to lay down and gaze up at the stars. This celebration is all about joy, connection and introspection. 

Cooking Up the Perfect Solstice Feast

During the summer solstice, it’s customary to eat foods that are in season. Many opt for fruits that are red, yellow or orange, as well as seasonal vegetables that are plentiful at this time of year. Fresh ingredients are often used because the summer solstice is all about celebrating the abundance of the earth. By creating meals with bright, sunny colours, you will be able to cook up the perfect solstice feast. Also, top tip – dine al fresco! By eating outside, you can enjoy a moment with nature, surrounded by friends and family. 

When preparing your dining table for your summer solstice feast and get-together, you can also decorate with flowers. You can use them throughout your place settings, or even create flower crowns for your guests. Did you know that each flower has its own symbolism? For example, during the summer solstice, daisies are believed to represent purity, whereas sunflowers represent loyalty. 

Learn About Ancient Solstice Traditions

During this time, it's a great opportunity to learn all about how different cultures choose to celebrate this day. A fascinating example is the construction of Stonehenge, which aligns with the sunrise on the solstice. Celebrated for many centuries, by taking the time to understand the ancient practices can deepen your appreciation of the day.

Gifts For The Summer Solstice 

Another way to get ready for this exciting event is to exchange gifts. People in many cultures celebrate the summer solstice by giving and receiving gifts during the longest day of the year. Some give one gift, but others give multiple small presents for each day for a period of time, similar to the 12 days of Christmas. 

A great gift for this celebration is something that can be cherished throughout the years. Our selection of "Stonehenge" sterling silver pendants are made from the rare Welsh Preseli Bluestone. These beautiful stones, famously used to construct Stonehenge, carry a mystical and historical significance. They make a unique gift for those with a love of ancient British history and geology, and who love to celebrate the summer solstice. It’s a calming stone, which is said to relieve anxiety. Gifting a Preseli Bluestone Necklace can symbolise a connection to ancient traditions and the enduring strength of relationships.

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