Jewellery is the perfect addition to any outfit, all year round – but with summer here, it’s vital that we stay on top of the trends. So, what is everyone talking about this season? Well, in this article, we will be taking a deep dive into the summer jewellery trends of 2023, and how you can shop with them in mind. 

What’s On-Trend For Summer Jewellery?

Summer has officially sprung, meaning that summer jewellery is also in full swing. Now is the time to let your pieces speak for themselves, and with this guide, pairing them with your summer wardrobe has never been easier. So, what jewellery is on-trend for summer this year? Let’s have a look! 

mother of pearl pendant - sterling silver

Jumbo Pearls & Gemstones

First on the list, we have jumbo jewellery. That’s right, big jewellery is making a comeback. Say hello to big pearls and gemstones - perfect for that sunny summer weather. Our mother of pearl and gemstone jewellery are all definitely hitting the mark this summer. 

Our Mother of Pearl Pendants are a must for this season. This breathtaking oval shape is set in sterling silver to create a wearable pearl – ideal for summer. Also known as Nacre, mother of pearl is a composite material produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer. It is also the material that pearls are made of. The iridescent shell material is strong and resilient, and creates stunning natural jewellery. Adding a big, juicy pearl to your outfit will create a fun and playful look, which is all the rage this summer. 

rectangular meteorite pendant in sterling silver

We also have gemstones which will make for a trendy addition this season. Interestingly enough, June is all about the pearl, as it’s the birthstone for the month – as well as moonstone. Our Moonstone collection is another one that will suit someone born in June. Moonstone is also known for its properties surrounding inner growth and strength – they soothe emotional instability and remove stress. Add a moonstone to your look to get on board with the Summer trends.

Sterling Silver Jewellery All The Way

Let’s talk about metals – summer is all about silver. With the sun shining (hopefully), silver could really complement your outfits as you reach for those summer colours. 

Here at Hepburn & Hughes, we exclusively work with sterling silver jewellery, so whether you are in the market for earrings, a necklace or even a ring, you can be guaranteed that it will be made with the highest quality of silver. So, next time you are planning your outfit for a summer day in your local beer garden, or your favourite picnic spot, why not pair your outfit with a pair of sterling silver earrings, or a sterling silver necklace? 

art deco triangular earrings - clarice cliff - sterling silver

Colourful Jewellery Chic 

Finally, another summer trend we are seeing is colourful jewellery. Craft jewellery with a youthful, upcycled spirit is definitely back on everyone's radar. Think luxurious, colourful pieces which have a very boho, arty spirit. 

Our colourful Art Deco pieces are exactly what you are looking for. Our collection of Clarice Cliff jewellery springs to mind. Commemorating this artist from the 1920’s Art Deco period, our collection of colour pieces are ideal candidates for your summer jewellery trends. As a ceramic artist, Clarice Cliff created pieces that were bold in colour and way ahead of her time, which we have made into striking jewellery. Not only will you be sporting a unique piece, but you will also be falling right into line with the summer trends.