Did you know that statistically, June and September are the most popular months of the year to be born? So, with June on the horizon, it’s time to make sure that you’ve got some unique gifting ideas up your sleeve. In this article, we will introduce you to our gemstone collection of Jewellery pieces, and point you in the right direction when it comes to June gift buying. 

What Makes Our Gemstone Collection Unique?

Wearing your birthstone is a beautiful way to celebrate your birth month, and with so many beautiful gemstones to choose from, it can help to narrow down your choice. Wearing a birthstone is thought to bring you good luck, protection and overall better health. Most astrologers believe that certain supernatural powers are attributed to gemstones or crystals, and that we have deep connection with the gemstone attributed to our birth month. 

Here at Hepburn & Hughes, we offer a wide variety of gemstone pendants, ideal for gift giving, or even as a unique gift for yourself. If you are unsure of where your birth month lands in terms of gemstones, never fear – we have a convenient birthstone guide which lists by month which gemstone is for you. 

No matter your birth month, a gemstone makes for the perfect centre to any jewellery piece. Our most popular is our Moonstone and Labradorite, however, we carry everything from Opal to Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli. All of these stunning stones make for breathtaking pendants, earrings or cufflinks. 

mother of pearl turtle pendant and earrings set

Gemstone Gifts For Her

Let’s talk gifts – gemstone jewellery makes for the perfect present for many. Purchasing a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewellery for someone's birthday is personal, and lets your loved one know you are thinking about them. 

As we move into June, we have a range of pieces such as Moonstone and Pearl, which are both considered the birthstone for the month. 

Our Mother Of Pearl Jewellery Range

Our Mother Of Pearl Jewellery is created using the lining found in several different types of molluscs, mainly pearl oysters, freshwater pearl mussel shells, and abalone – marine snails. The iridescent shell lining is strong and resilient and creates stunning natural jewellery. Personally, we love the shimmer of Mother of Pearl jewellery. Not to mention, the sterling silver perfectly encases this pure, protective gemstone, making them a stunning gifting option. 

Our Mother Of Pearl Turtle Pendant is an adorable addition to our collection which we would highly recommend as a gift for her. Created with a beautiful mother of pearl mosaic finish, this turtle pendant will subtly shine as it catches the light. Not to mention, this pendant also doubles up as a brooch, and can be added as an accessory to any outfit.

moonstone necklace birthstone jewellery

Our Moonstone Jewellery Collection

Our Moonstone collection is another one that will suit someone born in June. Not only is it a birthstone for this month, but it also signifies new beginnings. Moonstones are known for their properties surrounding inner growth and strength, they soothe emotional instability and remove stress. This lovely gem is also characterised by an enchanting play of light, and it lives up to its name – the mysterious shimmer changes as light refracts through the stone. With this beautiful gemstone, we have created a range of earrings and pendants. 

One of our favourites has to be our 5-stone Moonstone Necklace, which is a limited edition piece of jewellery. This piece is a one-off stylish and sophisticated Moonstone necklace which has been created with five individual high quality rainbow moonstone cabochons. All of these gemstones show the beautiful plays of light that characterise Moonstone. The limited edition necklace would make for a beautiful and unique gift this June. 

Gemstone Gifts For Him

With our gemstone collection, we have ensured that you can get a gift for anyone and everyone. No matter the month you are born, or the favourite piece of jewellery your gift recipient likes to wear – we’ve got you covered.

mother of pearl cufflinks birthstone jewellery

Mother Of Pearl Cufflinks

Our Mother Of Pearl Cufflinks make the ideal present for him, and they also represent his birthstone too. If born in the month of June, any jewellery piece with a pearl present is an elegant and sophisticated gifting option. Similar to the rest of our Mother of Pearl jewellery pieces, this collection is created by molluscs who deposit the substance on the inside of their shell. The same material coats pearls, hence the name.

These cufflinks are extremely hard wearing and can be worn day-to-day without any concern that it will lose its sheen or succumb to scratches. This understated piece is a thoughtful and different gift which will be very personal to the recipient.