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The History of Birthstones by Month

The tradition of birthstones dates back thousands of years when it was believed that gemstones had powers relating to health, prosperity and luck. Each month has specific gemstones associated with it and they are largely determined by their colour which gives you, in some instances, more than one option for each month.  

There are two schools of thought: 1) You wear a different gemstone each month to amplify its healing powers according to which month it is, and 2) You wear a gemstone corresponding to the month you were born in. 

It is therefore easy to see how there are many opportunities to wear a variety of gemstones, which makes them a perfect gift for all occasions. 

January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Bloodstone, Aquamarine
April Diamond, Rock Crystal
May Emerald, Chrysoprase
June Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite
July Ruby, Carnelian
August Sardonyx, Peridot
September Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
October Opal, Tourmaline
November Topaz, Citrine
December Turquoise, Tanzanite


January: Garnet

Garnet Stone

Garnet is the birthstone for January and is most commonly a rich dark red colour. You can however find some extremely rare blue garnets.  There are actually 15 garnet species which are widespread and usually found in metamorphic rock.

Historically, garnet was worn as a talisman of protection as it was said to warn of approaching danger. Today is strengthens your survival instincts and bring courage in challenging situations. When worn Garnet can re-energise your chakras and regenerate the body.

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February: Amethyst

Amethyst stone

Amethyst is the birthstone of February and presents itself in a variety of purple hues from deep purple to violet to pink. It is said to be a gemstone of virtue and ancient Greeks believed that if you drank wine from a cup made of amethyst then you would be immune to getting drunk.

Amethyst has many spiritual associations through different cultures. In India it is associated with the crown chakra and in Tibet it is sacred to Buddah and often used to make rosaries. When worn during meditation it generates a more tranquil state.

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March: Aquamarine


Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and a variety of the mineral Beryl.  Aquamarine is a beautiful aqua colour which evokes serenity and translated literally means "sea water", it is said that if sailors wore aquamarine amulets they would be protected during a storm at sea. 

Aquamarine is said to calm the mind and as such is often used during mediation to promote a feeling of clarity and tolerance of others.  

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April: Diamond


April Diamond Stone

Diamond is the birthstone for April, arguably the most precious of all gemstones and the hardest mineral on earth. It represents long lasting love and purity and has been used in engagement rings since the renaissance period and is a sign of commitment and fidelity.

Diamonds amplifies energy and because of this it never needs re-charging (unlike other gemstones), and instead increases the energy of whatever it comes into contact with. 

May: Emerald

Emerald Stone

Emerald is the birthstone for May and is a vibrant rich green colour.  It is another variant of the mineral beryl and is found in several places worldwide including Columbia, Europe and the Ural Mountains in Russia. 

Emerald is known as the 'stone of successful love' and is said to bring domestic bliss and loyalty and promotes friendship. It opens the heart chakra and has a calming effect on the emotions. 


June: Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone



June is a lucky month as it has 3 gemstones associated with it, which gives you plenty of opportunities for birthday gifts. Each of Moonstone, Alexandrite and Pearl are the birthstones for June.

Moonstone is one of our favourite gemstones at Hepburn & Hughes. It has a beautiful ethereal appearance and as it's name suggests is strongly connected to the moon. Moonstone is a type of feldspar which is not only found on earth but also on the Moon. It is said that Moonstones most powerful quality is to calm emotions and promotes intuition and empathy. 

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Pearl is an organic gemstone and the only gemstone made by living creatures. It is formed by a mollusc and the shell contains small amounts of conchiolin and aragonite which when combined create nacre or mother-of-pearl. They have a beautiful reflective lustre with an iridescent sheen that casts an array of colours.

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Alexandrite is extremely rare gemstone and discovered only relatively recently. In 1830 miners dug it up in Russia's Ural Mountains mistaking it for Emerald, however they soon realised it was a new gemstone that had the amazing quality of changing between red and green. It was so called Alexandrite because red and green where the old imperial colours of Russia's military. 

July: Ruby

Ruby Stone

July’s birthstone is Ruby, and gets its deep red colour from traces of chromium and is the red variety of the mineral coroundum. Ruby gets its name from the Latin word "ruber" meaning red and is known as "the king of precious stones". It is said to be a stone that injects vigour and passion into life and stimulates the heart chakra. 

August: Peridot

Peridot Stone

The beautiful lime green of Peridot symbolises the birthstone for August. Peridot is a form of Olivine - a name given to a group of minerals where both iron and magnesium substitute freely within the structure. Peridot is predominantly magnesium.

Since ancient times Peridot has been considered a symbol of the sun - and was said to confer royal dignity on its owner as well as keep away evil spirits. It is also a powerful cleanser as it releases and neutralises toxins in both the body and mind. 

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September: Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli

Sapphire Stone


Lapis Lazuli Stone


Sapphire represents the birthstone for September. Whilst usually associated with the colour blue, Sapphires come in many different colours from yellow, green to black and pink. It is widely sourced from around the globe including  Myanmar, Czech Republic, Brail and Australia. Like Ruby, Sapphire also comes from the mineral Corundum. Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone and helps to calm and focus the mind.  In ancient Greece it was believed that sapphires cured eye diseases

Lapis Lazuli is another one of our favourites at Hepburn & Hughes. An intense blue colour with flecks of golden pyrite in make for a stunning gemstone. It has been used by the Egyptians for millennia, for example the mask of Tutankhamun has a Lapis Lazuli inlay. Lapis Lazuli stimulates enlightenment and releases stress to bring about deep peace. It is also said to alleviate migraines.  

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October: Tourmaline and Opal

Opal Stone
Tourmaline Stone

October also has two birthstones - Tourmaline and Opal.

Tourmaline is extremely popular because of the beautiful array of colours that it comes in. Tourmaline is abundant  and found around the world, but some of the most beautiful specimens come from the Pala district in California, USA. Gem quality Tourmaline is limited mainly to pegmatites (coarse grained, igneous rocks)  It helps clean, purify and transform dense energy - converting negative thoughts into positive ones -  and forms a protective shield around the body. Tourmaline is also a powerful mental healer and helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 

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Opal is a delicate stone and has been used for millennia. It derives its name from the Roman word "opulus" which ultimately translates to "precious stone".  Nowadays opal is predominantly mined in Australia. Opal is absorbent and reflective and helps the wearer in expressing their true self. It is said to be a seductive stone which helps release inhibitions.

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November: Citrine and Topaz

Citrine StoneTopaz Stone

The two birthstones for November are Citrine and Topaz. 

Citrine is a yellow to brownish quartz and resembles yellow Topaz. Gem-quality citrine is found in both Scotland and the Ural mountains in Russia. Citrine carries the power of the sun due to its colour and as such is both warming and energises every level of life. It is also said to be a stone of abundance and helps attract wealth and prosperity. 

Topaz comes in a wide variety of colours and the earliest source of topaz is believed to be Zebirget in the Red Sea on the island of Topazios. Topaz is a mellow and empathetic stone which promotes truth and forgiveness. When it comes to health Topaz has the ability to stimulate the metabolism and aid digestion. 

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December: Turquoise and Tanzanite


Turquoise Stone
Tanzanite Stone

Like June, December also has a few different gemstone options related to  birthstones.

Turquoise is a striking blue green colour - and the exact hue varies depending on how much iron and copper is present. Turquoise was one of the first gemstones to be mined, with jewellery dating back to 5000bc found in Iraq. Turquoise is a protective stone and an efficient healer, helping to install inner calm. Some say it changes colour to warn against the risk of approaching danger or illness. 

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Tanzanite is the other December birthstone. Tanzanite is the dark blue variety of zoisite and is often mistaken for sapphire. It originates from Tanzania and Pakistan. Tanzanite has the power to transfer negative beliefs and thoughts into positive ones and is particularly useful in aligning the heart and mind.