This year, for those in the UK, we'll all be having Valentines Day in Lockdown.

Many of us will have spent most of the last year apart from loved ones - so why not make Valentines Day an opportunity to send a gift to someone special not just your partner. 

Gifts for Friends on Valentine's Day

Let friends know you're missing them or send a gift to someone who you know needs a pick-me-up.

These are our Top 10 picks for Valentines gifts - for both men and women - from both our own and our other favourite small businesses

From unique and quirky to sentimental and sophisticated we have all types of gifts covered for those special people in your life this Valentines day. 

And with all the restrictions on travel we can have them delivered straight to the recipient if you would prefer - at no extra cost. 


1. Unique Valentine gift for her: Upcycled Clarice Cliff


Clarice Cliff Art Deco Pendant in Sterling Silver

Every woman wants to feel like she's wearing something special or unique.

Pictured here is one of our signature Clarice Cliff pendants made from upcycled pieces of the the artist's broken ceramics. These statement pieces look perfect worn on a longer 30" chain. The ideal Valentines gift for lovers of Art Deco or Clarice Cliff's striking and unique designs.

Matching Clarice Cliff Earrings and Clarice Cliff rings are available too. 


2. Unique Valentine gift for him: Spitfire cufflinks made with original fuselage

spitfire cufflinks


Our Spitfire cufflinks allow the wearer to own a unique piece of British History.

We have been fortunate to acquire some original pieces of the iconic Supermarine Spitfire fuselage. We take small sections of the fuselage and set them in 15mm square sterling silver cufflinks.

These aviation cufflinks make ideal gifts for anyone with an interest in World War II history, and are often given as a gift to pass down through the generations.


3. A Unique Ring for that Special Man: Made from Spitfire or Meteorite 

Mens engagement or wedding ring: Spitfire and Meteroite

Who says that women can't propose or buy their man a ring? They also make great alternative wedding rings. 

On the left the ring is made out of Muonionalusta Meteorite - a two billion year old meteorite.

On the right the ring is made out of original fuselage from a Spitfire plane

Everyone loves to wear something that makes them feel special and stand out, and these unique sterling silver rings do just that.

We also have others men's rings available. 


4. Delicate and Pretty Shiva Eye Shell Pendants: Shiva Eye Collection


Shiva Eye Pendant in Sterling Silver

We love our new collection of delicate Shiva eye pendants and earrings. 

Simple and dainty they can be worn with any outfit and are a very reasonable price of £29 to £49.

Shiva Eye is a natural gem, and the protective doorway of the Turban snails shell.  When the snails life come to an end and sinks to the sea bed, the Shiva eye detaches. 


5. Uniquely British gifts: Blue John jewellery 

Blue John Pendant

One of our favourite pendants this season ‚Äď a beautiful piece of Blue John set in a delicate sterling silver tree of life. This pendant is also reversible, with Blue John showing on the back, so you¬†are getting two pendants for the price of one.¬†

Blue John is found only in¬†one location¬†in the whole world ‚Äď Castleton in the UK's stunning Peak District, and specifically in the Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern. Blue John is becoming increasingly rare and only a small amount is allowed to be mined each year.


6. Quirky gifts for him: ZX Spectrum Cufflinks

ZX Spectrum Keyboard Cufflinks in Sterling Silver

What gift can you give to someone who loves computers or gaming?  Our ZX Spectrum cufflinks will certainly appeal to their techie nature. 

We upcycle old ZX Spectrum keyboards to produce these striking computer cufflinks.

 7. Elegant and Timeless Gifts: Muonionalusta Meteorite Collection

Muonionalusta Meteorite jewellery in Sterling Silver

An extremely rare Swedish meteorite, Muonionalusta, fell to earth more than 1 million years ago and is estimated to be around 4 billion years old.

A perfect opportunity for someone to wear something from outer space.

We have a selection of pendants, earrings in cufflinks made out of this striking Swedish meteorite which make elegant and timeless gifts.


8. Golfing Gift for Him: Golf Ball cufflinks

Golf Ball Cufflinks in Sterling Silver

If you special person has a passion for golf, then these golf ball cufflinks make for a really original present. 

We acquired an original set of 1970s vintage Dunlop golf balls and used them to make sterling silver cufflinks.

We also have a set of Presidential Golf Ball cufflinks made with golf balls from the course George Bush used to play on. He even allowed his presidential number to be embossed on the balls.

Zoe & Louise