Christmas shopping is on the horizon for most of us, and while we may enjoy giving gifts, we can still agonise over choosing the perfect present for our nearest and dearest. And men are particularly hard to buy for – so what do you buy for the man who has everything? 

The Perfect Gift for Men

Look no further – here at Hepburn & Hughes we have put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide to ensure that every special gentleman in your life receives a present they will cherish this Christmas.  

Gifts for Aviation Lovers

Spitfire cufflinks

Cufflinks made from Spitfire parts are the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe. Our Spitfire cufflinks are made using reclaimed fuselage fragments of a genuine WWII Supermarine Spitfire plane, using the alloy skinning of a WWII Spitfire. 

We don’t melt the material down and mould it into something else – this is genuine material, displaying paint marks, scratches and blemishes, and will appeal to any aviation enthusiast. 

A Spitfire ring is another option – fully adjustable to fit most finger sizes, and there are Lancaster Bomber cufflinks, or Hawker Hurricane cufflinks too.


Gifts for Space Fanatics

Give a truly ancient gift to the astronomer in your life and see them marvel at the striations and markings on the surface of the muonionalusta meteorite. Discovered in 1906 in Sweden, this billion-year-old meteorite jewellery features a tiny fragment of the celestial rock with a 3-micron coating of white gold, protecting against oxidation. 
Our meteorite cufflinks could be the oldest thing you will ever own. 



meteorite cufflinks

20th Century Design Gifts For Him

Clarice Cliff jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate 20th century design and this humble Staffordshire pottery designer.

clarice cliff cufflinks

Clarice Cliff’s vivid, colourful designs broke the mould for ceramic production during the 1920s and ‘30s. 

We find broken and damaged plates from her iconic Bizarre Living Landscapes range, reproduced by Wedgwood, to make striking cufflinks. Check out the collection today.


Nautical Gifts for Men

HMS Victory oak cufflinks

Finding the perfect gift for a navy enthusiast, sailor or Royal Marine is now within your grasp, thanks to our range of HMS Victory cufflinks. Made using genuine oak or copper that was salvaged from the ship during her restoration in Portsmouth, the material is encased in top quality 925 sterling silver. 

We have both HMS Victory Oak cufflinks, and HMS Victory copper cufflinks. 


Art Deco Gifts for Men

Art deco cufflinks

We recently launched our range of Art Deco cufflinks, and we are delighted with the results. Using 925 sterling silver, our Art Deco jewellery designs reflect the geometry, curves and symmetry of a movement that began in France in the early 20 century, spreading through Europe and America during the 1920s.

It was a style shaped by a number of other influences and sources, including its forerunner, Art Nouveau whose ornate beauty fell out of favour before WWI. 

Art Deco continues to inspire art, design, fashion and architecture the world over, and never seems to go completely out of fashion. Check out our striking monochrome collection here.


Gifts for Paleontology Lovers

ammonite cufflinks

Calling all dino lovers! Here at Hepburn & Hughes we love a good fossil, and what is more beautiful than the enchanting spirals of the ammonite, a prehistoric sea creature that has left its mark throughout the world. 

Our ammonite cufflinks are made using these ancient fossils that have been discovered in Madagascar, and the Ardeche region of France.

We have other fossil cufflinks in the range, including dinosaur bone fossil cufflinks, trilobite cufflinks, and even Coprolite cufflinks - made of fossilised dinosaur poo! 


Maths Gifts for Men

Sliderule cufflinks

What do you buy for the maths geek in your life? How about our totally original Slide Rule cufflinks

The slide rule is a device used for multiplication and division – pretty much defunct thanks to the humble calculators, but the attractive markings on the surface make for interesting cufflinks when shaped and surrounded with 925 sterling silver.


Gifts for Golfers

American golf ball cufflinks

What special gift can you buy for a sports fan? Whether it's Tennis, Padel or something else we have something for you! Our golf ball cufflinks make the perfect Christmas present. Choose from vintage golf balls from the 70s, or American golf balls from the club where both George Bushes were members – they even bear the presidential crest. 


What to Buy for History Lovers

Berlin Wall cufflinks

How about our cufflinks made from parts of the Berlin Wall? We sourced pieces of the Berlin Wall after its removal in 1989. Our Berlin Wall cufflinks show graffiti still in place, and we have limited edition versions too, and each set is unique. 

Or, give a timeless gift with our Elgin watch cufflinks – made with non-moving watch movements, these oval cufflinks are made with solid sterling silver, meaning the recipient will look top notch. 


Gift for a Computer Geek

ZX Spectrum cufflinks

The ZX Spectrum, the iconic console from the 1980s, is immortalised in these striking sterling silver cufflinks. They make the perfect gift for gamers and computer lovers. 

To make our ZX Spectrum cufflinks we take the console’s circuit board and keys, to make high quality 925 sterling silver cufflinks.