Whether you are looking for the perfect present for a loved one born in July, or as a July baby yourself, you are looking for a jewellery piece that represents your birthstone – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be looking at the birthstone of July, the history and origin of this precious stone, and the recommended way to wear it. 

What Is The Birthstone For July?

Many months have multiple birthstones – and July is no different. As well as the beautiful black onyx, both red ruby and carnelian are considered July birthstones as well. However, each gemstone holds a variety of properties and are thought to support the wearer of them in vastly different ways.

The onyx stone is thought to have protective qualities, meaning if you are looking to do something a little more daring, then wearing this precious gemstone can be advantageous. This July birthstone can help you fight basic fears, and even move beyond bad relationships. Whereas a ruby symbolises love and passion, hence the word ‘ruby’ coming from Latin and simply translating to ‘red’. Finally, carnelian sports the same vivid red tones as a ruby, and is thought to restore vitality and motivation, and stimulate creativity.

Black Onyx Birthstone: Meaning & History

Whilst the black onyx may seem like a contemporary jewel, particularly when accompanied by our lovely sterling silver, its history can actually be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. Loosely translated, ‘black onyx’ is believed to have come from the Greek word for ‘claw’, or ‘fingernails’.

This is because of an old tale of an encounter between the goddess of love, Venus and Cupid. Cupid cut Venus's fingernails and allowed them to fall to the ground. According to ancient Greek mythology, no part of a God could actually die, and therefore, her fallen fingernails became what we know today as onyx – so, if you are born in July, you have a birthstone directly linked to Greek mythology!

As well as appearing in Greek mythology, Cleopatra also enjoyed wearing black onyx. It was thought that she often sported this lovely gemstone to help ease feelings of sorrow or loneliness. In ancient Greece, the black onyx would have culturally been a sign of protection, and they can now be sourced mostly from Brazil, India, California and Uruguay. 

When it comes to who should wear black onyx, many people believe that whilst it’s the gemstone for July, Virgos can also benefit from opting for black onyx. We know that July is the month of the Cancers and Leos, but also black onyx is directly linked to all the August and September babies as well. It is thought that if a Virgo wears onyx, they will have more luck, money and happiness.

How To Wear The Black Onyx Stone

With its big, opaque jet black crystal paired with a dull lustre and waxy texture, wearing a piece of black onyx jewellery can make any outfit extremely eye-catching, and makes for a great statement piece. However, did you know that black onyx comes with recommended ways of wearing them?

Many astrologers will recommend a black onyx bracelet should be worn on the right wrist in order to protect the family from negativity. Our Black Onyx Bracelet is set in beautiful sterling silver, and is made with ten individual set stones – if you are looking to repel negative energy and prevent your own personal energy from being drained, we can’t imagine a more fabulous way to do it!

black onyx bracelet
To help protect your energy even further, we also have a range of pendants, earrings and even cufflinks which are also made with this lovely gemstone. Here at Hepburn & Hughes, we believe that wearing any form of gemstone makes for a perfect complementary piece that goes with any outfit. Also, if you have a loved one's birthday coming up in July, and you are on the hunt for the perfect present, a jewellery piece with their birthstone makes for a wonderfully thoughtful gift.
July 01, 2023 — Louise Parkin