At the end of term, we all want to thank our teachers and be sure that they feel appreciated for all the hard work they have put in throughout the year. In this article, we will give you the best and most unique end-of-year teacher gifts for students to give.

1. Gifts Perfect For A History Teacher

If you are shopping around for the best teacher gift ideas, look no further! Whether your history teacher is your favourite, or they are just a history buff themselves, we have a range of historical jewellery that would make for the perfect gift. 

Getting a male teacher gift can be tricky - do you just go for the classic chocolates or a bottle of wine? Or do you mix it up, and go for something slightly more unusual. Why not a pair of historical cufflinks that he can cherish? To truly thank your teacher this year, we would recommend grabbing him something he will continue to wear throughout the year - particularly if he has to dress smart to teach. We have a range of historical cufflinks such as our Spitfire Cufflinks, our HMS Victory Cufflinks, our Houses of Parliament Cufflinks, or even, our Sixpence Coin Cufflinks - all of which would make for a fine present for the end of term this year.historic cufflinks

As for teacher gifts for her, we also have a historical range which any history buff would thoroughly enjoy. We offer a selection of earrings made from ancient fossils and meteorites. This includes ammonites, trilobites, dinosaur bone and coprolite – yes, actual dinosaur dung!

Take for example our Small Ammonite Earrings cast in beautiful sterling silver. These small Ammonite earrings are sourced from Madagascar and date back 150 million years. This stunning set of fossil earrings truly make for the perfect gift for palaeontology lovers, geology fanatics and history enthusiasts. Not to mention, many people believe that ammonite actually boosts health, good luck and improves the energy of a home!

2. Art Teacher Jewellery Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a gift for your art teacher, you are also in luck. We have many upcycled pieces which they’ll love. Our Clarice Cliff collection is colourful, fun and has been created using some of the work from the late English ceramic artist. Synonymous with the Art Deco movement of the 1920s, she was renowned for her striking and distinctive ceramics and tableware. 

To get these unique pieces and turn them into this stunning collection, we scour auction sites and antique dealers to source the damaged crockery. Again, all cast in sterling silver, we have earrings, necklaces, and rings, all in this bold, and beautiful style. 

clarice cliff collection

If this lovely collection catches your eye, but you are shopping with a male teacher in mind, we also create cufflinks using the Clarice Cliff ceramics as well. Alternatively, we have the Minton Pottery cufflinks as well. Our Minton Pottery collection is created in a similar manner - we acquired broken pieces of the famous Minton plates and use them to create extremely unique pieces.

Each and every piece is carefully chosen by us to capture the most interesting and exciting moments from these hand-painted designs. As well as Minton Pottery cufflinks, we also have pendants, earrings and rings.

3. Unusual Science Teacher Gifts 

ZX Spectrum upcycled cufflinks

Here at Hepburn and Hughes, we truly have a passion for finding interesting things and upcycling them -including old parts of scientific memorabilia. Name something that you would find in a lab, and we’ve probably tried to turn it into something beautiful and interesting that your science teacher will surely love. Computers, typewriters, and watches all make up our lovely collection of scientific jewellery

Our Scientific collection includes computer circuit board cufflinks, typewriter key cufflinks and even ZX Spectrum cufflinks. Take for example, our Computer Circuit Board Cufflinks. These stunning cufflinks are available in a choice of green, blue or red motherboards and each set is completely unique. Taking old circuit boards and upcycling them, we can create these striking computer cufflinks which are unlike any other. 

4. Gifts For Teachers Who Have Everything 

If you are dealing with a teacher who truly has everything - but you know that a creative and interesting jewellery piece would be right up their street, then a gift card could be a perfect idea. We have a range of digital gift cards which can hold from £10-100, and can be sent to them immediately. Say goodbye to last minute teacher gifts, and hello to something well-thought out and unique.
July 03, 2023 — Louise Parkin