Ammonite Earrings | Madagascan Fossils | Sterling Silver


Ammonite Earrings, Madagascan in Sterling Silver

This Ammonite fossil from Madagascar has been wrapped in sterling silver, a popular member of our fossil jewellery collection

This stunning fossil dates back around 150 million years. Sliced in half, the intricate chambers of the ancient shell are on display, in tones of brown, orange and gold. 

Ammonites are said to boost health, prosperity, and good luck. In Feng Shui, ammonites are said to improve the energy of a home, enhancing vitality, harmony, prosperity, and overall well-being. They are also said to bring a sense of stability, grounding, and protection to any space.

Ammonoid cephalopods first appeared circa 400 million years ago and became extinct around 65 million years ago along with the dinosaurs.

Size: 23mm x 18mm

The colours and tones of each fossil are unique, but all are rich tones and delicate markings. 

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All ammonite jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is carefully packaged by hand. A silver polishing cloth and satin gift pouch are also provided.