Abalone Shell Earrings | 18mm Tree of Life | Reversible | Sterling Silver


Reversible Abalone (or Pāua ) shell earrings, on one side you can see the beautiful Abalone shell with it's rich blues and aquamarines and on the other side you have a sterling silver Tree of Life. Abalone shell jewellery is a perfect gift for those who love jewellery inspired by the oceans and nature.

  • Shell: Abalone
  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Colour: Abalone shells have a striking appearance full of beautiful shades of striking blues through to aquamarines to greens, with tints of purple and gold.
  • Shape: Circular
  • Size: 18mm diameter
  • Postage: All orders are dispatched within 48 hours with upgrades to next day UK delivery available.  International orders sent tracked and signed.
  • History: Pāua is the Māori name given to three species of large edible sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs which belong to the family Haliotidae, known in the United States and Australia as abalone, and in the United Kingdom as ormer shells. The region the shells are from and what the animal eats influences the colour.
  • Abalone pendants, rings and bracelets are also available