Dendritic Opal Adjustable Ring | Circular | in Sterling Silver


Our Dendritic Opal jewellery collection includes these dainty Dendritic Opal rings.

  • Shape: Circular
  • Cabochon Size: 13mm diameter
  • Band Width: Adjustable and fits most finger widths.
  • Colour: White/ Grey/ Black
  • Postage: Free to the UK, fee for international tracked and signed
  • Gemstone meaning: A balancing stone, which aligns the chakras and strengthens intuition and improves clarity.
  • Birthstone: October
  • Wedding anniversary: 24th

    Dendritic Opal may also be referred to as Moss opal because of the tree-like appearance, or 'dendrites', which comes from the Greek word 'dendron', meaning tree.

    These dark fern link Dendrites form as water rich in manganese and iron flows along tiny cracks between layers of limestone and other rock types.

    Colour and appearance varies, as the natural stone has intrinsic differences. The product in the images may be taken as a guide.