Fossilised Sea Creatures Pendant, Oval in Sterling Silver


Fossilised Sea Creatures Pendant, Oval in Sterling Silver.

A stunning statement necklace. Our sterling silver Fossilised Sea Creature pendants make a unique gift for lovers or palaeontology or geology.

Size: 55mm x 33mm

This particular pendant really makes a statement due to its size and looks lovely when worn on a long 30" chain.

Fossilised Sea Creatures are formed on the sea bed where ancient sea creatures lived millions of years ago. Their shells fell to the floor of the ocean when they died and these shells were subsequently covered in sediment. Here they eventually became stone and are preserved in black limestone.

The slabs of this fossilised stone are very striking and make very unusual jewellery

All of our pendants come with a complimentary 18" sterling silver rope chain.  Upgrades to other chain options available, including 30" chains and snake chains.

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