Malachite Cufflinks in Sterling Silver


These sterling silver cufflinks are crafted using the finest Malachite originating from Zaire, Africa. They display a striking green colour and make a unique gift for Christmas, or for those with birthdays in April and May.

Dimensions: Square 15mm x 15mm, Rectangle 15mm x 20mm

Malachite is always green, usually in banded tones varying from very dark to a mellow green. It has been used as a mineral pigment in green paints from ancient times and as eye shadow in ancient Egypt. Polished, banded Malachite has been carved into ornaments and worn as jewellery for thousands of years, and in some ancient civilisations it was thought to be a protection from evil.

The stone is known for its protection effect, and is often known as the "Stone of transformation".

These cufflinks are presented with:

An excellent quality cufflink box
A complimentary gift card and envelope
Sterling silver jewellery care sheet
A complimentary silver polishing cloth