Pyrite ammonite cufflinks | French ammonite Cuff Links | Sterling Silver


The stunning ammonites used to create these Sterling Silver cufflinks were found in the Ardeche, France, and date back at least 65 million years.

This fossilised sea creature has been divided into two equal halves and polished to reveal the innate markings that set ammonites apart from other fossils.

These fossil cufflinks are the perfect gift for palaeontology lovers as well as fans of history and the natural world.

Dimensions: 25mm x 20mm

The pyrite effect, also known as iron pyrite or fool's gold, produces a brassy metallic lustre. This mineralisation forms where decaying organic material consumes oxygen and releases sulphur.

Our ammonite collection also includes Pyrite Ammonite Pendants and Pyrite Rings.

These Sterling Silver cufflinks are supplied with:

A high quality cufflink box
Free UK postage
Certificate of provenance
Gift card and envelope
Silver polishing cloth