Stingray Skin Cufflinks in Sterling Silver


A pair of unusual Midnight Black Stingray Skin Cufflinks – these classic cufflinks are made of stingray skin leather, often known as Shagreen.

Square 15mm x 15mm
Rectangle 15mm x 20mm

Such skins are naturally covered with round, closely set, calcified papillae called placoid scales, whose size is chiefly dependent on the age and size of the ray itself.

Timeless, highly decorative and with a durable finish, these skins tanned from the backs of deceased Stingrays, the small hides dried, dyed, sanded and polished, creating a jewel-like surface appearance.

Shagreen is a luxurious decorative material and was prevalent in the Art Deco era. Signifying luxury and exoticism, this unusual material is once more in vogue. Stingray skin has been prized since the time of the pharaohs, and during the Chinese Han Dynasty (202 BC - AD 220)

We offer this set of cufflinks with the following:

Free postage to the UK, and tracked postage to EU, USA and ROW.
An excellent quality cufflink box
A complimentary gift card and envelope
Sterling silver jewellery care sheet
A complimentary silver polishing cloth
Certificate of provenance