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Pyrite Ammonite Pendant | 60mm Large Fossil Pendant | Sterling Silver



A stunning pyrite ammonite pendant in Sterling Silver, which has the added benefit of being reversible so can be worn to show the exposed fossil on the reverse.

  • Fossil Type: Pyrite Ammonite
  • Source: Russia
  • Age: 150 million years old (approx)
  • Reversible: Yes
  • Fossil Size: 60mmx 48mm
  • Properties: Boost health, prosperity and good luck. 
  • History: Ammonoid cephalopods first appeared circa 400 million years ago and became extinct around 65 million years ago along with the dinosaurs.
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We offer a wide selection of fossil and ammonite jewellery, making perfect gifts for geologists or palaeontologists. This video explains the difference between our different types of ammonites - Madagascan, Promicroceras and Pyrite. 

This pyritised Ammonite was collected near the Russian city of Saratov, and dates to the middle Jurassic around 160 million years ago. The chambers of the shell are filled with pyrite. These breathtakingly beautiful ammonites died in a sea that contained a heavy concentrate of iron. As the ammonite decayed, it released sulphide which reacted with the dissolved iron in the water.

The interaction of sulphide and iron formed the pyrite, which is also known as fool's gold, replacing the ammonite cell by cell. Glittering gold and grey pyrite fills the chambers, giving them the appearance of gold.