Baltic Amber Pendant | Cognac or Green | Circular | Sterling Silver


A stunning circular Baltic Amber Pendant framed in sterling silver. This wonderful pendant features a round piece of Amber enclosed within a sterling silver frame. This unique jewel is available in two colours – Cognac and Green – each provide a comforting warmth.

STONE SIZE: 10 mm diameter
ITEM SIZE: 21 mm length with the hook x 12 mm width

PLEASE SELECT CHAIN OPTION FROM DROPDOWN MENU. Rope chains 18" are complimentary, and upgrades to other chains are available, including 30" chains and snake chains. Unsure which chain length you require? Check out our blog for some advice.

Postage: All orders are dispatched within 48 hours with upgrades to next day UK delivery available.  International orders sent tracked and signed.

🧡Amber is neither a crystal nor a gem, but rather a product of nature formed from fossilised tree resin.
🧡It has been appreciated for its colour and natural beauty since Neolithic times
🧡90% of the worlds Amber comes from the Baltic Coast
🧡Green Amber gets it's colour from spending time in a marshy environment where there is decaying organic matter.
🧡 Amber is known for its energetic and healing powers.
🧡 You often see babies wearing Amber necklaces which are said to help with teething pains.

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