Dendritic Opal Cufflinks | Sterling Silver Opal Cuff Links


A unique set of Sterling Silver cufflinks using Dendritic Opal.

Dimensions: 15mm x 15mm

Dendritic Opal, also known as Moss opal, has a tree-like appearance created by 'dendrites', from dendron, a Greek word meaning tree.

The lustre of these Opal cufflinks is vitreous (glassy) and features markings in the form of dark fern-like dendrites.

Dendrites form as water rich in manganese and iron flows along tiny cracks between layers of limestone and other rock types.

Colour and appearance varies, as the natural stone has intrinsic differences. The product in the images may be taken as a guide.

These unusual Sterling Silver cufflinks make the perfect unusual gift for Christmas, Father's Day and birthdays.

We offer this set of cufflinks with the following :

Free postage to the UK, and tracked postage to EU, USA and ROW.
An excellent quality cufflink box
A complimentary gift card and envelope
Sterling silver jewellery care sheet
A complimentary silver polishing cloth