Fossilised Dinosaur Poo Cuff Links | Coprolite Cufflinks | Sterling Silver


A very unusual pair of Dinosaur Coprolite Sterling Silver cufflinks, these make a unique gift for lovers of palaeontology. Coprolite is fossilised dinosaur dung, 'Kopros' translating as 'dung stone'.

Dimensions: 15mm x 15mm

These fossil cufflinks are encased in Sterling Silver with a quality T-bar fastening.

Large herbivorous dinosaurs like Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus had to eat great quantities of plants and leaves every day to maintain their weight, resulting in large amounts of dinosaur poop – millions of tons of dinosaur dung were produced every single day in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, keeping the forests lush and green. Though the process of mineralization has made them hard and (thankfully) odourless, coprolite can still tell us much about the extinct creatures who created them so long ago.

We offer this set of cufflinks with the following:

Free postage to the UK, and tracked postage to EU, USA and ROW
An excellent quality cufflink box
A complimentary gift card and envelope
Sterling silver jewellery care sheet
A complimentary silver polishing cloth
Certificate of provenance