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Labradorite Bracelet | 11 x Ovals | Sterling Silver


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  • Gemstone: Labradorite
  • Material:  Sterling Silver
  • Shape:  11 small oval stones
  • Bracelet length:  20cm
  • Stone Size: 8mm x 5mm
  • Design: Cabochon set in sterling silver
  • P&P:  Free to first class to the UK.  International Delivery also available

This pendant is made using a stunning piece of polished Labradorite, natural tones are radiated by its iridescent surface, the hue changing as it moves and refracts light.

Labradorite was first discovered in Labrador in Canada, although it is now found in several other locations throughout the world. It is a feldspar mineral with a pearlescent lustre which creates an appealing shimmer.